Build an Indoor Rock Wall

Kids Indoor Rock Wall

Kids Indoor Rock Wall

Indoor Kids Rock Wall

Kids Love to Climb Walls

It’s that time of the year again, presents, shopping, egg nog, mistletoe….and Indoor Rock Climbing. Who is on your Christmas shopping list?? Nieces, nephews, grandchildren, children, husbands, wives?? How about surprise them with an indoor climbing wall for the house, or their bedroom. Indoor climbing walls are a great way to keep your kids active all year round. You can be as creative as you want when building your own rock climbing wall. We have L.E.D holds that you can hook up to a stereo and watch them light up to your favorite tunes. We have colored rock climbing holds, small, large, bolt on, screw on any many more items to choose from. You can make an indoor wall for a beginner, an expert or anywhere in-between. Children, big and small, would love to be able to climb their walls!
There are many items you could re-purpose to build an indoor wall. Take a look around your house or in the garage. Do you have an old door, coffee table, extra ply-wood??? Building an indoor rock wall can be a great family project. Make memories that last a lifetime! If you are stuck on ideas for building your indoor rock wall surf YouTube and watch some videos on how to build one. Please send us pictures of your indoor climbing wall project. We will be more than happy to share your pictures on our blog and social media sites. Thank you for reading our blog. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Holidays!!

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